Sunday, 30 December 2007

Grandma's Scarf

Another One-Skein...

But in two colours.

grandmas one skein4 by Hayzee C, on Flickr

Sibling Stripes

I decided to crochet "matching" scarves for Leon's brothers, but not the same. You'll notice that they have many of the same colours, and they're both from the Stripes and Stripes Forever pattern (SnB HH)

Sibling Stripes by Hayzee C, on Flickr

Sibling Stripes 2 by Hayzee C, on Flickr

Floral Surprise

I crocheted this one for my OH's Mum. She likes flowers and she likes these colours, so it seemed to fit.

Again, it's a Stoller - from the Happy Hooker.

Floral Surprise by Hayzee C, on Flickr

A Tad Plaid

This is a scarf and gloves set for my sister. The yarn is called plaid, hence the name.

The pattern isn't for chunky yarn in the case of the scarf, it's the One Skein Scarf from Stitch n Bitch - the Happy Hooker, and it's originally in Aran.

A Tad Plaid by Hayzee C, on Flickr

For the gloves I used the pattern here
A Tad More Plaid by Hayzee C, on Flickr

Irish Hiking Scarf (3)

So, for Christmas I knitted three (yes, three) Irish Hiking Scarves. I will never again knit the same thing for more than one person - it gets dull.

Anyway, they were all fab, so here they are: (model is my OH where there is one!)

Tony's Hiking Scarf:

Tony Hiking Scarf by Hayzee C, on Flickr

Mum's Lincolnshire Shopping Scarf

Lincs Shopping Scarf by Hayzee C, on Flickr

Daddy's Scarf and Hat (yes, Dad got a hat too, Mum's is on the way...)

Daddy hat and scarf by Hayzee C, on Flickr

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sari Silk Bag

This yarn was a gift from my secret pal. She kindly sent me a pattern to use with it, which I did.

Once I had made the main piece, I had to decide on lining for the bag. I chose some left-over red/gold from my moulin rouge costume.

choice of lining

Then I added the lining and sewed it up down the sides.

open sari bag

Finally I made the icord for the strap.

sari bag with handle

Now I just need to find an appropriate button...


I started and finished this within a week. It's the "one skein scarf" from Stitch n Bitch: The Happy Hooker.

close scarf

I like the detail, but because I used a finer yarn than recommended, I ended up doing two extra rows.

full scarf

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Autumn Fingerless Mittens

I have finished the fingerless mittens (from Simply Knitting) that I begun on a whim last week. These are a quick knit, and quite simple.

 autumn fingerless mittens

I think I might make a scarf to go with them as I have loads of the yarn left!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Opal Socks

Pair o' Socks again

I finally completed my pair of socks. It's taken ages, I know. However, I am really pleased with them, and despite a few "original features" I inadvertantly introduced, they are very comfy and look great. I'm looking forwards to my next pair of socks now - I've designed a pattern (well, sort of) of my own. Basically, I'm amending the pattern I got from Opal to allow me to use the "Folk Lace" pattern in my patterns book. I'm calling them "Gypsy Socks" at the moment, but I haven't cast on yet.

Pair o' Socks

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

"Evening Star" Shrug

I finished my shrug on Monday night. It needed buttons, which I have now added. So, as promised, here are the pictures.

 New Shrug – front
The shrug was knitted to the “Evening Star” pattern from issue 26 of Simply Knitting. I didn’t use the recommended yarn though; I used some 50% wool 50% acrylic which I bought on e-bay. Because it is knitted in one piece it’s asymmetrical, which gives it a nice look, I think. I’m really pleased with it!

 New Shrug – back
I went to a local button shop and bought some nice shiny shell buttons, they were more expensive than I expected, but I haven’t really bought buttons before, and frankly this has cost so little to make (except for in time!) that I don’t begrudge a fiver or so for buttons.

 Buttons – closeup
So I'm overall pretty pleased with myself, the shrug is very nice. I was hoping to wear it to this weekend’s wedding but it clashes with the dress I bought, so it’s going to have its first outing for my Dad’s birthday celebrations in a couple of weeks’ time. Brilliant, huh?

Another one of the Shrug
[edit] - I have decided to wear the shrug today (3/5) because I can't wait!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Hat and Bootees

Hat and Bootees
Originally uploaded by Hayzee C.
This is the hat and bootees I've knitted. I intend to knit a couple more sets and then send them to the local hospital's SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit)

Thursday, 29 March 2007

iPod Sock # 2

This is my second iPod sock. it's not quite as long as the first one, but it does what I need it to - keeps me from getting sweat on it in the gym. It isn't the same yarn as the hat, though it does look similar in the picture.

iPod sock - pink

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Pom-pom Hat

Bobble Hat
I've finished another project - I'm enjoying it too!

It's a cross between the hat in my teach yourself knitting book (colour and pompom inspiration from there) and the pattern but not the colours or stripes from the one in the Stitch 'n' Bitch book. I think it's fab - I've worn it on three occasions already, though it doesn't stand up well in the face of strong winds!

Great to knit though, only took a couple of evenings to do including the pompom and sewing up.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Sock Disaster!

So, I began at the heel of the sock, migrated down and then back up the foot, and managed:


It doesn't fit! Woe is me! I followed the pattern, but there's no way that it's ever going to go past the heel! Not ever. Either I did it wrong, or someone's cheating at Knitty.


I may have found (one of) the problem(s) with my sock. It turns out that sock yarn is not quite as similar to DK (double knit) as I thought. May have to buy some actual sock yarn for this one. On which note, I've spotted a nice sock kit on ebay...

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Grey Marl Scarf

Here's the scarf I knitted for Leon. It's curled at the edges, but I'm hoping to fix that when I press it.

Monday, 12 March 2007

iPod Nano Cover

iPod cover

This was my second attempt at an iPod cover. This is for Leon's iPod. It's knitted using DK on 4.5mm (UK 7) needles.

It's basically rib and stocking stitch, though I used a diamond pattern from my pattern book. You can't really see it in the black, but when I do another one for my iPod you might be able to.

Feathery Pink Scarf

Scarf 2

This one is knitted in lovely feathery wool which I ordered from eBay. I used the same 7.5mm needles because it claimed I could knit is as chunky. It worked very well. I made it a little short (1.5 balls - 50g each) so I have 75g left over (I got three balls this colour). I hope to use that for cuffs or similar on another project.

This was 16 stitches wide (most of the time) in garter stitch.

Knitted Hearts Bag

Bag with hearts

This is another pattern from my knitting text book. The hearts motif is a little cheesy, but was quite straight forward and didn't suffer from my occasional error. I didn't bother lining it. If it was half the size I'd use it as a makeup bag. If it was a few inches longer I'd use it as a Work In Progress bag. Sadly, it's neither. I keep my needles and such in it for now.

Chunky bag

knitted bag

This was made with a slightly amended pattern from a knitting book. It's chunky wool on 7.5mm needles.

White Scarf

knitted scarf

This chunky scarf is knit with 24 stitches wide in garter stitch (k all rows). I used 7.5mm needles. The tassles are also quite simple - just looped around and added using a crochet hook.