Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Earl Grey

Finally finished the Earl Grey socks as designed by the Yarn Harlot. They took a while, but I think that is because of two things:

  1. boys like longer socks than girls

  2. boys have bigger feet than girls

These things are true of OH and I, so socks for him take longer. They were a nice relaxing knit though, and look nice in the colour that he picked. The cable was a faff in places, but looks nice and made it interesting to knit (that much plain stocking stitch would have driven me to drink). I used some Cygnet Woolrich yarn. It’s meant to be washing machine safe and has enough polymide in it to be hardwearing even on OH.

I may make these again one day, but not just yet!

Bootees Mk2.

The other bootees were too small, so here’s another pair.