Thursday, 8 January 2009

(Mostly) No Purl Monkeys

I finished my Mostly No Purl Monkeys last night. I’m really pleased with the toe-grafting I did on this pair, it’s much neater and more invisible than past socks – I’m really getting the hang of it now!

No Purl Monkey


Yarn:Texere 4ply Lambswool, originally on 400g cone, wound into 100g skeins and hand dyed by me. This is “Wrath of Kool Aid”.

Needles: My trusty surina wood dpns from Knitterbabes on Ebay.

Modifications Oh yes.
  1. this is the “No Purl” version of the Monkey, except not. I did the cuff as normal, but missed out all of the purls on the chart and knit them instead.

  2. I continued the pattern down onto the heel-flap as I knit it. this meant adding an extra knit row between the two repeats I needed (or figuring out all the decreases on a purl row, which I confess is beyond me right now, one day maybe!)

    No Purl Monkey

  3. I did 6 repeats of the pattern on the foot instead of the 5 I did last time. the previous pair fit well, but the lambswool isn’t quite as voluminous or stretchy as the alpaca blend was. As it is, these are slightly long, but only a row or two (room for me to shrink them by accident!)

No Purl Monkey

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