Saturday, 22 November 2008


Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, from

Yarn:Natural Dye Studio's Dazzle, Blue Faced Leicester 4ply Sock Yarn in a colour a bit like Flame.

Needles: Some random metal needles I got a while ago at a charity shop, UK Size 6 (That would be 4mm, or US size 8)

Modifications: Other than using sock yarn, I also did 26 repeats of the pattern rather than 12. This was aided by the fact that I knew what weight of yarn I needed to have left. According to my scales I could have managed another repeat, but the scarf is plenty long enough as it is. I did the same number of increase rounds as the pattern suggests, I thought that was a reasonable width.

Clapotis on me

Review: I LOVE this pattern! It's so much fun to knit and simple enough to do while watching telly. It works up nicely and I'm sure once I've blocked it some more it will stay square. The yarn is also Lush, even despite some randomly darker bits, it looks great. This colour rocks! It pooled a bit (as you can see below) but really that just adds to the pattern, especially when worn.

Clapotis one end

Also, the BFL has a slight kink to it, which is really pretty and adds to the warmth, I think. It's by far the warmest scarf I have ever owned! I love it. If you haven't knit Clapotis then you should give it a try! I think that in sock yarn, you could make a skinnier version than I did and it would still look great!
Bascially I have nothing bad to say about the pattern or the yarn. 10/10 for both!

Clapotis from back

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